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Parenting plans provide for visitation with the non-custodial parent, decision-making authority, dispute resolution and other necessary provisions. A detailed parenting plan is necessary and can save aggravation and arguments down the road. While a divorce will separate you from your spouse financially, parents will always be married when it comes to raising the children. So, it is important to remember that the Court will consider your child or children's best interests when it comes to constructing and considering your parenting plan.

Parenting Plan Modifications

A modification to a parenting plan generally occurs when a substantial change in circumstance has taken place. Although it is difficult to describe what such a change in circumstance may be, it can beAttorney Paul DiNenna Jr. at work for a client. simple, like a change in one's work schedule, or complex, where the child's present environment presents a hazard or danger to his/her health or welfare. Parenting plan modifications are either major or minor modifications, depending on the number of overnight visits or days needed to change in the existing plan.

Before any change is made, it is important to note that parents must follow the dispute resolution provision in your existing plan before the Court will entertain such a modification to your existing parenting plan. Provided you have completed this necessary step first, then the Court will first consider whether cause exists to modify your parenting plan, i.e., a substantial change in circumstance necessary to modify your parenting plan.

Like all family law matters, the legal standards for a parenting plan modification are subjective and appear simply overall. However, the determination and procedures are fairly more complex. Modifications are another area where you will be best served by experienced representation and counsel.

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Child Relocation is an important issue in Divorce and Family Law