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Child support is based on the net income of the parties, age and number of biological children involved. The parents' combined net incomes will determine the amount of basic support to be paid and the proportion of such support each parent will be responsible to pay.

A child support order may also include provisions, such as special child rearing expenses, education, as well as extraordinary health care and transportation costs. The child support order will also allocate which parent utilizes the child tax exemption and when. However, special, educational, transportation and associated health care costs are shared proportionately between the parents and are an addition to the basic support obligation.

So you know, there are reasons that allow you to deviate from a standard calculation of child support. If your child, for whom you provide support, spends a significant amount of time with you, then a downward deviation of support may be appropriate. Perhaps children from other relationships exist and you owe a duty of support to those children. Maybe you are also paying tuition, day care, transportation or health care directly to the service provider. If so, then a deviation may be appropriate and these reasons, among others, may be a basis to reduce your overall child support obligation.

Child Support Modification

In relation to a child support modification, either parent may petition the Court to change the existing child support order, provided generally that a substantial change in circumstance has occurred. Such a child support modification may be brought once every two years provided a substantial change in circumstance has occurred. For example, a substantial increase or decrease in income may provide a basis to petition the Court to modify your existing order of child support. Child support modifications may also be appropriate within one year or less provided that your child changes age (from 11 to 12), a health insurance provision should be included in your order, child support should be extended beyond high school or the existing child support order works as a severe economic hardship.

It is also important to note that the Court and Washington State take a child support obligation seriously. If the obligor parent fails to pay his/her support obligation, then a contempt action or imprisonment may be sought as a sanction or remedy for the obligee parent.

A child support order or child support modification includes many procedural steps and provisions that are more complex than one may think. Knowledgeable legal representation and counsel will benefit you.

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Child Support is an important issue in Divorce and Family Law