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Parenting Plans:
What is the difference between a
temporary parenting plan and final parenting plan?

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Washington Domestic Relations Statute RCW 26.09.004: Definitions illustrates the difference between the two. A temporary parenting plan is a parenting plan that is ordered at a temporary orders hearing pending final resolution of your family law matter. [RCW 26.09.004(1)] A permanent or final parenting plan is the final parenting plan that is obtained after either a trial or agreement.

[RCW 26.09.004(2)]

This Statute also defines parenting functions, which are important elements in meeting the best interest standard. Parenting functions are "aspects of the parent-child relationship in which the parent makes decisions and performs functions necessary for the care and growth of the child. [RCW 26.09.004(3)]
They include:

In addition to who and how each parent has been responsible to the child or children, Spokane County Superior Court as well as the Superior County Courts in all other jurisdictions in this State requires additional relevant information. Washington Domestic Relations Statute RCW 26.09.194 references the additional information required. [RCW 26.09.194(1) - (2)]

There are different criteria for implementing a temporary parenting plan than implementing a final parenting plan, although some of this information is similar.

In addition to the domestic relations statutes above, the Spokane County Superior Court as well as surrounding jurisdictions, also evaluates the following for temporary parenting plans:

The court shall also consider the factors used to determine residential provisions in the permanent parenting plan.

[RCW 26.09.197]

For final parenting plans, Spokane County Superior Court as well as the surrounding jurisdictions consider the following:

Furthermore, County Superior Court, including Spokane, will also require information found in the following Domestic Relations Statutes: [RCW 26.09.184], [RCW 26.09.187], and [RCW 26.09.191].

RCW 26.09.191 above is especially important to evaluate whether any proper limitations or restrictions should apply to either parent in litigating a parenting plan. Again, the best interest standard is the most important consideration. Naturally, detriment to the child, whether physical, mental, or emotional, should not be tolerated. Any such detriment should be considered if applicable to that the best parenting plan for you and your child or children can be crafted.

As you can see, a parenting plan is a complex court order that requires tremendous consideration and relevant knowledge on a wealth of factors including the court's legal procedure. If you need a parenting plan or residential schedule, you will undoubtedly be best served with a knowledgeable attorney to represent you. A good lawyer can guide you through the process efficiently and effectively to help obtain the best possible outcome in court.

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