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Mylene is an asset to the firm. She stands by our clients every step of the way - gathering information, communicating, helping to prepare them for hearings and depositions and, most importantly, meeting client needs through their dissolution or family law issues.

Mylene Warren ~ Paralegal

Mylene joined the Office as a Paralegal in 2007. Originally from Southern California, she moved to Spokane in 2006 with her husband and daughter. Mylene has over 18 years of legal experience in various types of law including civil, toxic tort, entertainment, personal injury, medical malpractice, criminal and family law.

Her work involves an extensive amount of contact with clients, courts and other governmental entities; drafting pleadings, motions and discovery; legal research and appeals. Her eye for detail and way with words are matched by a receptive ear, compassionate nature, and quiet resolve to make a client's experience better. She clearly relates to clients and understands what they're going through during the case process. Maybe that's because she believes that helping clients is the best thing about her job. The kinds of cases we work on require compassion, patience and understanding. And those just happen to be the kinds of qualities that our clients have come to admire in her.

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