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Chewelah Family Law Attorneys

DiNenna and Associates P.S. has focused solely on the practice of Family Law since its inception in 2004, representing clients in Spokane County and the surrounding counties in Eastern Washington. In 2019, we added Criminal Defense and Juvenile Law to our practice areas, so that we can better serve the people of our community.

Our team of knowledgeable professionals takes pride in our work, representation, reputation within the courts and community, as well as the results we have achieved for a large and growing number of clients throughout the years.

Family Law Attorneys
Chewelah Our Philosophy

At DiNenna & Associates, we believe in the institution of family regardless of the sexual preference or orientation of those who comprise it. More importantly, we understand its significance for children, primarily their need for involved, responsible, and loving parents (or individuals who step into the shoes of parents) regardless whether they are in the process of a separation or divorce. To this end, we emphasis a child’s need for a consistent, stable schedule that promotes his/her best interests, safety, and security in all family law matters, which we are involved.

Naturally, family law matters are almost always stressful and highly emotional. Transitioning out of any relationship can be an anxious time given the change occurring in your life, level of uncertainty, and perhaps fear of not knowing what to do next.

Paul DiNenna Jr.

Paul DiNenna Jr.

I have been practicing family law for 15 years. In my opinion, family is the core element in all communities across Washington State as well as the entire United States. It is the foundation where nearly all individuals first identify their values, ethics, and belief systems that last throughout their lifetimes. So, when changes occur to our notion of “family,” whether through a divorce or other significant change anticipated or not, it can have a substantial effect on those involved, often altering the trajectory of their lives moving forward. As such, I can think of no other area of law more important or mission more essential than helping families through crisis, so that the trajectory of change a family may experience through divorce is minimal, perhaps trending upward even. Furthermore, I believe my representation will in some small way help our community grow and become stronger, one client at a time. There is always positive that results from adversity. My staff and I can help you through a period of crisis, while protecting you and your family moving forward. We are here for you.